Paxton Equity Outsourcing and Staff Renting

We are young company with wide-range expertise in providing various business-support services for foreign and domestic companies.

Our clients appreciate our expertise, promptness, ability to custom-tailor our services to their exact needs, affordability and reliability. Whatever we do, our utmost goal is to create sustainable long-term partnerships with our satisfied clients.

In addition to range of business support services, during the last year we have paid particular attention to developing a strong base of young, well-educated and highly experienced IT professionals that enables us to provide our clients with wide range of IT services and outsourcing/expert renting services.

Why to outsource?

• Outsourcing enables your company to control and very often, significantly reduce your core, operating, expenses.

• Gain access to expertise in particular field – no need to hire experts in your company;

• Tap in and leverage your knowledge base – access to world-class experts in number of areas;

• Expand your business and (in)directly gain access to new market areas

Why is Serbia the perfect destination for your out(or near-)sourcing:

• Labor costs for experts and highly-educated employees in Serbia are just around 1/3 of those in Western Europe or USA;

• Universities in Serbia „produce“ experts in field of programming and IT technology that are globally recognized for their ability and capacities;

• Serbia is ranked as 12th country in the world, 5th in Europe(Elance Report for 2012) by amount of money earned through freelancing where programming services are predominant;

• Serbia is located in CEE time zone (GMT +1), what enables your company to have daily communication with outsourced team during regular working hours, without any hindrances;

• People in Serbia, in general, are highly computer literate (more than 80% of the households access the internet on a daily basis), and 90% of university graduates can fluently speak and use at least one foreign language (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian – according to Gallup poll, Serbia is ranked 1st among CEE countries for proficiency in English language);

• Excellent skills base – built through (technical, in particular) universities, where vaste majority of students had earned considerable experience working at major projects with their mentors (more than 70% of programmers and IT professionals have minimum of university degree, and approximately 2-3.000 students graduate every year with majors in IT);

• Favorable geographical position, and extensive communication networks (in-country and external);

• Number of Serbian IT professionals at this moment provide IT programming and support services for major international companies (from USA, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, France, etc.), and have more than considerable experience (unofficial estimates are that 8-10.000 Serbian programmers and IT experts work for companies abroad from their homes in Serbia);

Why Paxton?

• We are experts in providing our customers with custom-tailored and turnkey solutions;

• For three years of our existence, we have provided business support for more than 20 foreign companies who have come to Serbia;

• We have brought number of foreign investors to Serbia, providing them with full-range support in establishing their business operations here;

• We have IT and, in particular, software development experts working in our team, but

• We also have extensive network of external associates – professionals enabling us to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients;

• Our corporate culture is based on doing, performance and strictly timed delivery;

• We monitor post-sale activity and provide our clients with continuous support;

• We are flexible and able to adjust our offer to always meet your needs;


• You want to reduce your operating costs?

• You need the experts for participating (or performing) in some projects that are out of scope of your regular activities?

• You want to preserve your resources for your key activities, but have short (or long) – term projects that could contribute to your business success?

• You don’t have staff with specific expertise for some IT support or solutions?

Our outsourcing turnkey and custom-tailored solutions provide you with:

• expert staff that perfectly suits your needs and even the most specific demands;

• opportunity for our clients to evaluate the experience and skills of outsourced experts beforehand;

• customizable team size

• access to latest technological developments and available software applications;

• possibility to monitor the project activities through regular reporting at all stages;

• strictly time-bound delivery

• extensive testing process for all solutions developed;

• quality control in accordance with highest IT industry standards;


• You have some project for which you need additional staff, but you do not want to hire them on a full-time basis?

• You have necessary infrastructure but no expertise in certain areas?

• You want to be able to have hands-on monitoring over certain IT development(s)?

We can provide you with experts in areas of your choice, thus enabling you to:

• faster programming or other IT development process;
• expert (even external, ours) consultations and additional support during all project phases;
• avoiding unnecessary costs in training your staff for these tasks;
• meeting even the tightest deadlines;
• possibility to monitor all processes during the project development.


Desktop software development

• C/C#/C++
• Python
• Java
• Data Bases

Web development

• J2EE
• .NET
• E-Commerce

Mobile applications software development

• Android
• iOS
• Windows Phone

Custom application development
Front Office solutions
System Administration
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services:

Model for managing company’s interaction with current and future customers/clients. It involves using technology to organize, automatize and synchronize sales, marketing, customer support and technical support segments.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions

Cross-functional enterprise system driven by integrated suite of software modules that can support basic internal business processes within the company, without any limitations in regards to company’s growth and future development.

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