Eric Blanchetete


French, 51 years old, 20 years in Serbia.
• 19 years of experience in Banking with 13 years in Central & Eastern Europe
• Former President of Findomestic banka Serbia – BNP Paribas Group
• Former Top Executive in Société Génerale Group (Serbia, Ukraine and Russia)
• Manager of the Year 2009 in Serbia

Jovana Vukovic
Jovana Maric

Director – Paxton Equity d.o.o.
Serbian, 38 years old.
• HEC UNIVERSITY PARIS, Executive Master In International Management And Economics Belgrade, 2012
• Financial follow-up, bank relationship management, monitoring of various project segments
• Project leader- Mecaplast
• Project leader-Pure Agency
• Management and administration, Financial follow-up and planning,HR Management
• Member of the team in charge of enhancement of commercial performance of Čačanska Banka –EBRD
• Member of due diligence and restructuring team- ASHIB BANK, Armenia
• Languages: Serbian, French, and English
• Organized, precise, and ambitious


Christophe Nègre

senior project manager


• 30 years of banking and equity investment experience in developing countries working for the European Investment Bank
• Entrepreneur (Founder of Kovidor International, DND Real Estate Development, Welcome Home and other companies)
• Ex private practice lawyer in France, Spain and the US


Novica Mrdovic-Vianello

senior project manager
Serbian-Italian, 48 years old.
• Over 20 years of Europe, US, Russia & China working and living,
• Experience in hi-tech industries
• Experienced Investor and Managing Director
• Former GM of NeoPhotonics Corporation EMEA
• Expertise in: Investments, M&A, Venture Capital, Private Equity,
• Management of Global Companies, BizDev, Operations, R&D,
• S&M, PM and Organizational & Process re-engineering

Aleksandar Vujicic

senior project manager
Serbian, 47 years old.
• 19 years of experience in Financial investigation and Corporate Law
• Belgrade University: Faculty of Law
• Bar exam
• Languages: Serbian, English and French
• Honors & Awards: OSCE Mission to Serbia – Person of the Year 2012 award

Lazar Vujaklija

project manager
Serbian-Belgian 29 years old.
• B.A. In International Affairs, John Cabot University, Rome Italy
• Organized, reliable, entrepreneurial
• Languages: French, Serbian, English, Italian (spoken)

Dejan Malbasic

IT Specialist
Serbian, 41 years old.
• Degree in Automatic control, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade
• Steinberg degree for Senior Java Developer
• 9 years experience
• Languages: Serbian and English

Vincent Fouert
Vincent Fouert

project manager

French, 26 years old.
• Engineer, Ecole Centrale de Lyon
• Strategy and Marketing specialization at EM Lyon
• Strategist analyst for 2 years
• Analytical, entrepreneurial, rigorous
 Languages : French and English

Srdjan Ristanovic

senior project manager
Serbian, 35 years old.
• 10 years in banking and insurance sector on mid and high management positions
• Degree BBA in Economics-Finance at FIT Nicosia Cyprus
• Languages: Fluent in English and Serbian
• Manager, creative, reliable

Borko Todorovic
Borko Todorovic

B.Sc. in economy
Serbia/Bosnia-Herzegovina, 40 years.
• 10 years of experience at SME-s management
• Relevant experience in the construction business
• B.Sc. in the economy, Faculty of Economics, Union University, Belgrade
• Owner of the tourist center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Rafting center Drina Tara)
• Languages: Serbian, English

milena-naumovicMilena Naumovic

Project Manager
Serbian, 36 years old, life in Serbia.
• Belgrade University Faculty of philology
• Headhunting / HR assistant
• Languages: Serbian, French, English, Spanish
• Organized, reliable, and smart


teamAndjelinaAndjelina Ladjevic

Project Manager
Serbian, 50 years old.
• HR professional with more than 16 years of experience in HR supporting business, Providing leadership,
Consulting and coaching.
• Proven track record in Setting up the quick and efficient hiring process.
• Development and implementation of Retention Program for Key Employees.
• Development and implementation of the rightsizing project with minimum risks involved.