Start production in Serbia

If you want to start-up your production facility in Serbia, you can benefit from low labor costs and extremely stimulating (only 15%) profit tax rate. Opportunities for investment in Serbia are various, and you can choose from number of options for initial setup of your company.

Your rights and obligations as foreign investor are completely the same those of local investors. As a foreign citizen, you can be rightful owner of your land, facilities and premises without any limitations.

Real-estate prices are usually significantly different (lower) out of Belgrade area and in other regions of the country than Vojvodina (northern, more industrialized, Serbian province), they are strongly co-related with accessibility to the main (highway) roads, and, of course, with the quality and locations of the premises within the area.

1. To Buy:

This is the fastest way to start your production, avoid spending significant amount on time on construction of your factory or premises. You can buy the production site after your initial production plan is accepted, and after that, you can expand your facilities in accordance with your needs.

Opportunities to buy the ground for building your facilities or already built factories in Serbia are extensive.

When looking for the best solution for you as the investors, we always consider different possibilities:

  1. Buying land from private owners
  2. State owned ground
  3. Offers of state Agency for Privatization (conditioned by opening new jobs)

We approach every project individually, considering your short-term and long-term needs skillfully, in order to propose you only the locations that fully correspond with your needs (technical and location).

We manage all the processes, from location search until the moment of contract being signed by both sides, and proceed further to setup your business completely.

Our experts supervise every single step of this process:

  • Our lawyer checks all documents prior to making any offers to you in order to confirm that all legal conditions are met and there are no obstacles for you to become rightful owners.
  • We will provide you with results of independent expertise of all objects (if any) and the ground for your facilities.
  • We will negotiate terms with land-owners.
  • We will find the best financing solution with local banks.
  • Our architecture expert will provide you with the quote for (eventual) re-construction.
  • We will present your project to local authorities and get all tax exemptions or benefits for your company, wherever available.
  • We will promote your project with Serbian Investments and Export Promotions Agency (SIEPA) which has resources available for all new industrial investments projects in Serbia (range from EUR 2.500 to 10.000 per each job opening, under pre-defined criteria).

Our team of experts and consultants will handle your project from the first step until its finalization in order to make sure that, once you need to place your money, your investment is perfectly safe and secured in all its aspects.

2. To Build:

Building your facility is, of course, always the best solution to get facility that meets all requirements of your future business.
Time needed for construction (from the land paperwork, through projects, construction permissions, etc.) is equivalent to the time needed for all these activities anywhere else in Europe.

You can choose among number of locations throughout Serbia for your production site.

Local authorities (municipalities and city governments) are always in pursuing for new investors in order to expand the job offer in their areas. Therefore, every municipality or city in Serbia offers different benefits, from prices for buying ground to tax reductions or exemptions for defined period of time.

Expertise of Paxton Equity team in Serbia and thorough knowledge of all local regulations in this area enables us to propose you with best areas to setup your factory, based on the above benefits, besides other criteria.

Construction process is very similar to all other European countries. Construction standards are in full accord with European regulations/standards.

Our architect can create the project and supervise construction process, from ground works until the keys are delivered to you. Send us your technical needs, and we will provide you with project in full accordance with them.

We will find and negotiate the best rates and provide you with the most comfortable financing plan if you need financial support from local banks for your project.
In order to get all possible financial incentives, we will even promote your project with Serbian Investments and Export Promotions Agency (SIEPA) which has resources available for all new industrial investments projects in Serbia (range from EUR 2.500 to 10.000 per each job opening, under pre-defined criteria).

Our team of experts and consultants will handle your project from the first step until its finalization and make sure that the both, deadlines and dedicated budget, are respected in full and allow you to remain focused on your core business activities.

3. To Rent:

Renting is very often, the best way to start your production quickly and benefit from the low cost of labor force.

This can be the first step in launching your business activities in Serbia.

Based on your technical requirements, we are able to find the most suitable location for setting-up your production facility.

We will manage all necessary legal aspects of your project.

Our services are not finished once the contract on rent is signed, we will assist you in all other steps on the way to create your company in Serbia and set up your production facility until the final point.

« Service + » by Paxton Equity:

For your first step in Serbia, we are able to offer the simplest turnkey solution for your production in the most comfortable manner:

You need to:

  • Provide the machines
  • Provide raw materials
  • Train your Chief of Production and quality-control department
  • Train your workforce

We will:

  • Rent the appropriate location/space based on your requirements
  • Perform reconstruction of existing facilities (if needed) and set up all machinery for proper operation
  • Find and hire:
    • the most suitable candidate for Production Chief at your facility,
    • all the staff you need for your QC department,
    • additional work force.
  • Launch the production
  • Control the production and deliver the goods in accordance with your quality standards, in desired quantity and within defined time-frame.

We are even able, through the network of our partners, to manage all procedures and provide you with all necessary logistic support for trading between Serbia and EU/Russia.

Once your products are made, you will continue your regular activities. We do not establish commercial links with any of your partners/clients, our job is to make sure your goods are produced according to your quality requirements and to deliver them to your clients if requested.

This service can be used for:

  • Initial steps of your production in Serbia before its expansion,
  • Test of ability to produce your goods in Serbia,
  • Manufacturing products with the same quality for lower costs,
  • Support short-term plans for production increase,
  • Getting competitive advantage in your markets with products of lower prices,
  • Exporting your goods to Russia, under the terms of existing free-trade arrangement between Serbia and Russia (free of customs duties).