The due diligence process in business is often the most important aspect a company can perform before making important choices. And the management team of a company is the driving factor which will decide the pace, and efficiency behind a company.

Can a management team handle transitional periods, company turnarounds, or a consolidation? – Our consultants can create bespoke evaluations of the strong and weak points of a management team, identifying risks, and potential opportunities as well.

When a company grows, or expects change, clear insight into the management team will allow you to understand the changes that might be necessary to see the company grow.

Paxton Equity has consultants who have a wealth of experience in executive roles, leading large teams, and know the necessary skills a manager needs at the various levels in company sizes. We will leverage our experience, with a systematic approach to give you the necessary feedback before making your next big decision. Our standard process is the following:

  1. Two interviews which identify areas of interest
  2. Psychological testing
  3. Case study example review to highlight response methods
  4. Final assessment and subsequent recommendation

This process includes detailed evaluations obtained through interviews and case examples. Our tests will allow us to gain valuable insight into a targets strengths and weaknesses. Our psychological analysis will allow clients to foresee the capacities of the management, and of the targets. Each individual assessment is bespoke to the needs of the client, and the person being assessed.