Export to Russia

The Free Trade Agreement with Russia have been signed in August 2000.
This make Serbia particularly attractive to foreign investors in the manufacturing sector.
The Agreement stipulates that goods produced in Serbia, with over 50% value added in the country, are considered to be of the Serbian origin.

For exports to Russia, the FORM A Certificate is required as a proof of goods origin. The only tariff charged is the customs record keeping tariff, amounting to 1%.

To know the list of product eligible, contact us.

Foreign companies (German, French, Italian, Slovenian, etc…) are already using this free trade agreement to export their production in Russia.

Paxton Equity is the ideal partner for companies who wants to produce in Serbia and export their production in Russia to enjoy the customs free on their products and make stable and rising business in Russia.

Our experience in Russia and Serbia allow us to understand the issues to export in Russia from UE and that is why we developed our skills to make the bridge between this two countries.

More information to come…