Business support

Paxton Equity is, within the scope of its regular activities, often engaged into providing its clients with adequate support in different development phases. We are particularly proud to be able to provide support for businesses which are in the most difficult situation, when bad cashflow severely influences their existence, which are often facing liquidation procedures.

Therefore, to all our business-clients, we offer the following services:

  • All-area analysis of the current situation
  • Proposals for improvement of business activities
  • Building, arranging and implementation of Pre-pack Reorganization Plans (PRP)
  • Creation, implementation and monitoring of all-level action plans
  • Support in process of finding potential strategic partners
  • Negotiation with business banks and other creditors
  • Interim management
  • HR support

We have provided number of business entities, from different business areas and backgrounds, from manufacturers to those working within services and trade segments.

If you trust us to support your business activities, we are assured that you will be satisfied with improvements and your future results.