Paxton Equity is consulting company created in early 2011 with the goal of promoting the economic and investment potential of Serbia abroad.

Our main focus is around supporting foreign companies through critical phases in their growth.

Our in-depth expertise and knowledge of functions and areas that we are specialized for (IT sector, Banking sector, Manufacturing, Sales, Finance, HR Management, Machining, Auto industry) make us confident of being able to provide our clients with profiles that perfectly match their requirements.

We have wide knowledge about vacancies in Serbia and abroad. Therefore, we are able to provide our international clients with possibility to put at their disposal qualified labor force, under the best terms, and based on specifics of different areas.


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If you are interested in becoming a client for our Headhunting services, please contact us.

Also, if you are a high-educated professional looking for job in particular field, feel free to send us your resume and/or other relevant personal data.