Serbia on Forbes’ list of TOP 5 “HIDDEN DESTINATIONS”

Serbia is among five European countries that American magazine Forbes pointed out as perfect for travelers who are looking for non mainstream travel destinations.

For those who have already traveled to Western Europe, Forbes recommends considering a trip to one of the less reputed countries of the eastern, northern or southern Europe. The magazine promises a unique experience in these countries rich in natural beauty and exciting history.

Among the plenty of treasures in Serbia, Forbes especially emphasizes natural hot springs and world-class spas such as Vrnjačka and Ribarska banja, which have been attracting visitors from all over Europe for hundreds of years.

In addition to the spas, marked as prominent venues for a relaxing gateway, the magazine states historical cities – from Nis, the birthplace of Constantine the Great – to Novi Sad in the north, nicknamed “Athens of Serbia” because of its historical significance.

According to Forbes, the trip to Serbia undoubtetly wouldn’t be complete without visiting the capital, Belgrade, one of the oldest cities in Europe, “full of historic ruins as well as a vibrant drinking and dining scene”.

Along with Serbia, Forbes included Moldova, Latvia, Slovakia and Montenegro.

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