Sourcing in textile industry in Serbia

sourcing-in-textile-industrySerbia is a country with a long history in textile industry and allows you:

– Competitively-priced labor

– Lower prices comparing to Turkey or Tunisia for example

– Fast delivery in Europe

Throughout this illustrious history, principles of high-quality manufacturing, price competitiveness and controlled operating costs have made Serbia a leading garment manufacturer for the biggest textile companies of Western Europe.

Companies such as Benetton, Calzedonia, Golden Lady, Pompea, and many more are extensively using their production facilities as secondary manufacturing sites for production of high-quality apparel. Thus, they can react quickly to smaller orders with quick turnaround times.

Competitively-priced labor, as well as the strong textile tradition in Serbia, ensures manufacturing of high-quality products at very affordable prices.

Serbia predominantly trades with EU member countries (Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and Slovenia), the Russian Federation, Turkey, and China. Exports have risen by 71% since the free trade of textile products to EU was instituted in 2005.